Friday, September 6, 2013


UNGODLY...from brimstone county

Alphabetically inclined on my number shit….
So stay on your p"s or get the r.i"s in front of it,
u moving wild on your jungle shit
bundle clips that we are running and dumping wit…
on my 1500 hunnit shit
thumping sounding all loud and thunderous u dumb summabiyches better start thinking of something quick,,
Pump ya brakes or come equipped with something god approved…
no time for acting like a bitch
my nigga god a dude,

mahatmas ghandi moves, do it while I'm lacking food…tactically preach peace…only afterwards act a fool,
outwardly inciting outsiders to invite me in…
yo dumb ass need to learn how too like a friend!
instead of screaming no new....
You want your foes new?
U never wanted beef.,
you was born addicted to Tofu!!!

No poultry in in ya poetry I po a beat into a bowl and feed,.. SoThese are vocal groceries,
Ten folders fulla ambrosia to reload
That's food for the gods.......Hercules Cheetos
Power too make your power mines like Sylar from heroes...
Cloud 9 is six feet below
A 1500 state of mind….
Like 1500 fatal crimes to a satan mind...
It's sound good to bad
but sound bad to good
if PAC signed his soul to the devil that mean he back with suge ..
Kinda hard to look over like a backwards hood…
the shit get more confusing than a backwards hood,
That won't let the investors in…
Rob the blind and righteous to protect the sin…

And see that's y I be like fuck hector
Got a nigga in the pidgeon coop clucking playing checkers,
And fuck trapping Travis who use his talent to tip pills,
keep a jab of crack In little Travis big wheel,
His bitch baby mama claiming it ain't a big deal…
that's like a nigga doing life
saying its just steel ...
And concrete...but his mind free as African zebras,,
left out the part about the pack of ten cheetas..
who stay on the chase.,.escape is unlikely..
u won't find none like me!